Arkansas State Championship

This past weekend was pretty phenomenal to say the least in the Arkansas Kayak State Championship on the Arkansas River. Prefishing went fairly well, despite all the storms and a huge cold front, I had some confidence going into the tournament.

Day one
I’m sitting on the water waiting for lines in and my graph dies and told myself that’s alright because I could remember from prefishing what spots I wanted to fish and I trusted my game plan with or without electronics. Early in the day I realized my topwater bite was non-existent so I went to my primary spot which was a channel swing and on my third cast with my Xcite baits Xb-1 sqaurebill I land a 19” giant and shortly after that I get a second fish and I’m feeling confident in my game plan. I go into a couple hours lull until I get to me secondary spot and immediately pick up two keepers followed by another couple hour lull. What I didn’t realize until around noon was they had been pulling water all morning and my area dropped a whole 2ft within a couple hours. I panic and pedal my way all the way out to the main river picking up my fifth keeper on the way out trash fishing. Once I get out to the river I start fishing the grass line and get my last cull fish of the day helping me secure third place for the day and 6” off the lead with 77”. Six bites was all I got Saturday and didn’t leave me feeling too confident to say the least going into the final day.

Day two
My battery did not charge yet again so I leave my electronics in the truck and hit the water. I attempt a topwater bite for a while but no luck. I head to my primary spot make two casts and BAM! another giant bass coming in at 20” hammers my Xcite baits squarebill! Pick up another keeper on that spot and immediately after I get pushed by another angler to go to my secondary spot early so they wouldn’t fish it before me. I’m thankful that guy came in on my area because a few casts into my secondary spot I caught another giant coming in at 19” along with a 17” and 15.75” and multiple other keepers all within 30 minutes. At this time I’m sitting with 87.75 at 9:30am for the day and I have taken the lead but the day one leader hadn’t submitted a limit yet so I was still worried I would need to cull one of my 15.75’s knowing i was down 6” the day before. I spent the next 5 hours alternating my two spots catching tons of bass but nothing that would help. I was just about to call it a day when I heard a boat coming up behind me. I waited for him to pass by thinking that his wake could possibly create some current on my area which could turn on the bass and it did! Two casts after he passed by my sqaurebill gets thumped by a 18.25” donkey and that propels my day two total to 90.25 which was enough to secure a first place finish by nearly 5 inches along with Big Bass of the tournament with my 20”er.

I’d like to thank all my friends and family who cheered me on and have reached out and congratulated me after this big win!
Also a huge thank you to best sponsor in the fishing industry Xcite Baits! I caught every single fish I submitted on their Xb-1 squarebill. They have the absolute best baits on the market!
And last but not least thanks to my amazing wife Hope Freel Wofford for letting me fish one last tournament before baby Mattie make her arrival!
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